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Other Link Collections

Free GeoData (»English/German)
Links to Digital height data, Digital maps (raster and vector format), Vegetation data, Antartic data, Sozioeconomic Data, Misc. Data, Weather Data, Satellite data and also Tutorials. Please note that several of the sources do not understand the term 'free' in the way the FreeGIS projects does.

SAL - Geographic Information Systems
The Scientific Application for Linux is a useful index for any Unix. License terms can be looked up.

News and information resource for items realted to geography and mapping.

Public Domain Software for use with GeoData
A small, but helpful link collection of the USGS.

Digital Elevation Data Catalogue
This catalogue includes details of elevation and bathymetric data, together with a section on available software for the display and manipulation of these data.
Both, free and non-free data are included.

StatCodes On-line statistical software for astronomy and related fields
StatCodes is a Web metasite with links to source codes implementing statistical methods which are freely available on the Internet. The codes are chosen for their potential utility for research in astronomy and other physical sciences.

The purpose of this page is to provide information on available freeware and software commonly used in spatial data analysis and spatial statistics. Some links to Open Source and to almost free software are offered.

Free Tools
This is actually not a link collection. It is possible for authors to upload packages. The user options are then to download the package (mandatory registration) or to send an email to the author. There is no link to homepages of the projects. There is no explanation on what is meant by 'free' in general nor is there information on 'how free' are the single packages.

MetaData and WWW Mapping Home Page
Large link collection. Not focussing on freedom. Perhaps slightly outdated.

GIS Info Server - Software
Proprietary software is focused.

GIS Software Companies
Companies offering GIS Software.

GIS (Open Directory Project)
General GIS Index. ( is a highlighted entry.)

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