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Any kind of participation is appreciated. There are many ways in how you can help the FreeGIS community.

  • Become a FreeGIS Contributor and report updates or new entries
    Just contact us directly: See Contact at bottom of page.
    A contributor can propose changes to existing entries or can create new ones. A maintainer will check the proposals made by contributors. Your name will appear in the hall of fame counting your contributions.

    Contributors that reliably deliver high quality may get asked to become a FreeGIS Maintainer.

  • Take part in discussions, share ideas:
    Subscribe to the FreeGIS mailing list.
  • Be a developer, tester, document writer, data collector, ...:
    You can find many interesing projects at the FreeGIS site. Feel free to join those that inspire or are of any other interest for you. They will surely welcome you and embed your contribution into the project.
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