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GRASS Handbuch Cover

Press Release

    FreeGIS-CD 1.2.1 for GNU/Linux systems released

  Meanwhile in its nineth edition (v1.2.1) the FreeGIS-CD offers again an
  updated and enhanced collection of geographic information procession
  capabilities to GNU/Linux distributions.

Osnabrück 31st of July 2002.

In a reduced interval of 3 months Intevation GmbH publishes
the FreeGIS-CD (v1.2.1) in its nineth edition.

The CD presents a collection of GIS applications, libraries and data
sets in current versions. It contains e.g. GRASS, MapServer,
gdal, PROJ und GLOBE. With Thuban now a simple viewer of geodata for the
visualisation of shapefiles is included.

The FreeGIS-Tutorial (in german language) explains how to do common GIS
task with Free Software. It is included on the CD in its HTML- and
PDF-Version. Printed copies are available separatly. The documentation on
the CD lowers with easy comprehensible commands the entry barrier towards
the GIS applications.

The now published FreeGIS-CD was tested on the major Linux based
GNU-Systems RedHat, Mandrake, Suse and Debian.

"Free GIS Software has a high potential due to its great power and
flexibility. Both the development and the integration of the different
components progresses continously", explains Dr. Jan-Oliver Wagner who is
responsible for the publishing of the FreeGIS CD at Intevation. "We bear in
mind this high dynamic by actualising and enhancing the FreeGIS CD

The FreeGIS-CD v1.2.1 can be ordered for 30 Euros
through Intevation GmbH and ships out of Germany and North America.

        About the FreeGIS Project:

The FreeGIS project focusses on Free Software and data related to
geographic information processing and mapping.
A comprehensive overview about available software can be found on the website.
Map creation and analysis of spatial data is becoming a widespread application.
The project exclusivly promotes Free Software solutions which means
that everybody has the freedom to use, modify and redistribute them.

    About Intevation GmbH

The Intevation GmbH is a high level Free Software consulting company
based in Osnabrück, Germany.

Intevation offers communication management for Free Software projects and
strategic consulting for Free Software business models. Additional business
units are geographic information systems and usability design.

Intevation GmbH actively contributes to the Free Software Community
and supports and the FSF Europe among other projects.
Press contact:
    Fon: ++49 - 541 - 33 508 30
    Fax: ++49 - 541 - 33 508 59

FreeGIS is a project of FOSSGIS e.V.
Contact: Björn Schilberg <>
These pages are hosted by Intevation GmbH