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Press Release

FreeGIS-CD 1.1.0 for GNU/Linux-Systems released. The FreeGIS-CD's sixth edition (v1.1.0) adds geographic information processing capabilities to major GNU/Linux distributions. Osnabrück, Germany, 8th of June 2001. Intevation GmbH, the leading Free Software Company in the area of geographic information systems published the sixth edition of its compiliation of Free Software and data for spatial data processing. For a long time geographic information systems (GIS) were regarded high-level and cost intensive solutions, demanding high-priced hardware and skilled operators. The now published FreeGIS-Cd was tested on major Linux based GNU-Systems, like RedHat, Mandrake, Suse and Debian and significantly lowers the entry barrier towards the world of GIS. "This collection demonstrates the high potential of Free Software for spatial data processing", explains Jan-Oliver Wagner the coordinator of the FreeGIS-Project. "This is only the beginning as the development is under full steam. We will continue to bring our clients the best solution with Free Software." The FreeGIS-CD v1.1.0 can be ordered for 25 Euros through Intevation GmbH and ships out of Germany and North America: About the FreeGIS Project: -------------------------- The Free GIS project focusses on free GIS and mapping software. It runs the leading web portal for the subject. Map creation and analysis of spatial data is becoming a common application. The project exclusivly promotes Free Software solutions which means that unlimited use, modification and copying is allowed. About Intevation GmbH --------------------- Intevation GmbH, located in Osnabrück, Germany is a high level free software consulting company. Beyond the technological implications it empowers its clients to utilise the advantages of free software culture and usable IT-solutions. Intevation is main sponsor of the FreeGIS project. Presscontact: Fon: ++49 - 541 - 33 508 30 Fax: ++49 - 541 - 33 508 59
FreeGIS is a project of FOSSGIS e.V.
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