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GRASS Handbuch Cover

Press Release

                                          Osnabrück, 27.12.1999

	FreeGIS CD for GNU/Linux debuts.

For Linux enthusiasts and people interested in Geographic Information Systems
another grey spot on the application map has been colored.  The FreeGIS-CD
editorial board presents the first version of its free software gis and mapping
tools compilation.  The CD can be ordered by Intevation GmbH, Germany and
includes major applications, development-libraries and data.
Developed by numerous goverment agencies, universities and private
companies since 1982, GRASS is certainly the heavyweight of the collection. 

The first version is not aimed at absolute beginners. A certain familiarity
with Linux and GIS is prerequisitve. It is the aim of the FreeGIS project
to improve the application quality gradually. The CD-sales also aid
funding to the project.

About the FreeGIS Project:
The Free GIS project focusses on free GIS and mapping software.
Born out of the hassles, dealing with proprietary tools, the founders of 
this project started the first site dedicated to free(speech) GIS software 
and data.

Intevation GmbH, located in Osnabrück, Germany is a free software
consulting company.  Beyond the technological implications it's aim is
to empower partners with the advantages of free software culture 
and usable computer solutions.

FreeGIS is a project of FOSSGIS e.V.
Contact: Björn Schilberg <>
These pages are hosted by Intevation GmbH