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Idea and Concept
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FreeGIS-products products have been distributed in the years 1999-2005. They are meanwhile out-of date. For historical reasons you can download the ISO-images for i386-plattforms here!.


To offer and promote free software alternatives for proprietary Geographic Information Systems(GIS) and geographic data.

This includes GIS environments, applications, geo-data and tools for GIS development and education. Private and commercial use is explicitly allowed. The CD can be distributed and multiplied further.

Editorial Board

The contents of the FreeGIS CD is discussed by the FreeGIS Team. This team consists of free software authors, users and service providers. Everyone who likes to contribute is welcome.

Along with the FreeGIS CD the team also discussed the future of the web portal of FreeGIS as well as the future of the tutorial.

"Free" GIS and Geodata

The mentioned freedom of software and data is a significant advantage for software engineers and users. It is the same principle which works for the GNU/Linux operating system.

  1. The source code for all packages is available. Developers can rebuild the product. It is possible to enchance it and distribute the results afterwards. This is especially important for the data.
  2. The only license restriction is that the source code and the product have to remain open even when you improve them. Some packages have licenses which also allow to change these terms.
  3. Service and support for these products is still offered. But there is no fixed dependency from one vendor. If a customer is not satisfied, he can change the service contractor.

Companies that provide service for free GIS and geo-data are listed under Commercial Service.


The FreeGIS CD only contains free software and free data. All brief package descriptions list the corresponding homepages. The FreeGIS Homepage has them and more. Sources and some binary packages can be downloaded directly from these homepages.

FreeGIS is a project of FOSSGIS e.V.
Contact: Björn Schilberg <>
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