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Site Design

Usability first

The main criteria for the FreeGIS webpages is usability. As users of our own site we are essentially interested in this. Advertisments, most graphics and animations just get in the way. Jacob Nielsen's research about web usability and his service site inspired the look and feel of the early FreeGIS. Since then we change the design step by step to further improve the usability for the FreeGIS community.

The Technologies

What do you expect? Of course Free Software is used and electron is harmed in making of this site:

  • We usually type away text in vim.
  • All entries are stored in the mighty postgreSQL database.
  • The web pages are assembled by the famous content management system Zope.
  • The webserver Caudium is employed to serve static pages. Virtual hosting and SSL access is provided by Squid.
  • Still sometimes you need a quick hack. We use Python (the way Guido indented it).
  • All of this is running on a Debian GNU/Linux box.
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